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This was the welcome home for the Bahamian Covids

The Prime Minister Hubert Minnis just showed The Bahamas how utterly incompetent he is by how it managed the return of the  Bahamians who have been trying to get home now for five weeks, since he declared the Covid 19 Emergency.  The Covids ( as we will call them) are home now only because of the controversy with Dr. Duane Sands who let in some non-nationals. The public saw the double treatment given to Bahamians as against the free pass for the foreign nationals. This was in exchange for some 2500 test swabs for Covid 19.  It was disgraceful.

Dr. Sands has resigned.  There are all sorts of  tears being cried for him, a man who in his public life was the essence of cruelty. He was involved in so many anti PLP actions, and not just that but prejudicial actions which does not speak well of a public official and his profession as a doctor. He was quite simply cruel. He deserves to go.

What is worse is that the public now sees how the FNM operates. His colleagues threw him under the bus and have moved on, content to let him bear the brunt alone while  they continue as the Government. What we know though  is the public, even  their most ardent supporters, see through them and   we all see what the FNM does not get it.  Blind, deaf and dumb.  They missed the message of the Duane Sands Scandal.

The message is that the FNM is in deep trouble politicly because of their double standards and cruelty to the Bahamian people.

There is an audio note going around by a mother of a child brought back from the United States on the mercy flight of Friday 8 May 2020.  The mother  worked for and voted for the FNM in the last election.  She ended her angry rant with the message that payback will come in 2022. 

She was furious at the double treatment. She accused the Prime Minister of lying to the Covids and their families about the flights.  They did not think they would spend hours standing on a line to be processed when they got to The Bahamas with no food or water.  They did not think they would be confined to a hotel for 14 days.  She said if she knew that her daughter would have simply stayed in the United States.