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Some folks that I have encountered down at one of Freeport’s unofficial parliaments argue that my writings, or political rants as they called them, do not display my Christianity. They don’t seem pastoral. After all, a Pastor is supposed to display neutrality and offer comfort to people. It is unchristian, they say, to be calling persons idiots and morons and buffoons and clowns. You don’t sound like Jesus. What would Jesus do? Your writings don’t sound biblical. Why don’t you use more biblical language since you are a Pastor? 

It all gave me pause. I listened and considered and prayed. I have concluded that, for the most part, they are all correct. So from this day onward, I make a solemn promise that you will get the biblical, Christian, sounding-like-Jesus me.

It is my considered opinion, therefore, that over the past almost three years our present government administration has proven that it is nothing more than a generation of vipers. Yes, they are slippery, slimy, slithering snakes. In order to gain power they made us a truck load of promises, but has soon as they crawled their way into the seat of power, they abandoned every single promise. They are like whitewashed sepulchres. On the outside they are polished and clean and attractive, but on the inside they are rotten to the core, filled with putrid flesh and dead men’s bones. Just signal me when you have had enough Jesus and bible.

The present administration have made the hallowed house a den of thieves, giving tax breaks and lucrative contracts to one another; raising their travel and entertainment allowance, while dismissing poor people from their jobs. Woe unto you that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter! Woe unto you that are wise in your own eyes, and prudent in your own sight! Who acquit the guilty for a bribe, but deny justice to the innocent. You workers of iniquity, says the Lord, I will come down and judge you and take you from the seat of power. Promotion does not come from the north or the south. God is the judge; he puts up one and takes down another. But take heart my fellow Bahamians; the axe has already been placed at the root of the tree. It is not long now. Fear not; stand still; and you will see the salvation of the LORD, which God will show to us all on that day after the bell has rung: “for the Egyptians whom you seen today, you shall see them again no more forever”. Like I said before, just nudge me when you have had enough Jesus and bible. 

The Minister said to me that I’m doing all this writing, but he never sees me writing about all the paedophiles running around the place. I guess he is suggesting that I write too much about the government and that my writing should have a broader scope. I guess he sees it as my responsibility to do all the writing in the Bahamas. But I will oblige him.

In the news recently dismissed workers from the Gaming Board of the Bahamas won their case. This spiteful administration dismissed them unlawfully; so says the judge’s ruling. About two years ago while walking the beach I noticed a woman and her two young daughters who appeared to be living in their car. I was concerned, but I didn’t approach her the first morning that I noticed them. I concluded that they still had their pride; and, obviously, the world had beaten them down sufficiently.

About the third morning I approached. She summarily dismissed me. I understood. The following week she stopped me while I was walking. Perhaps by then she had done her investigation about who I was by asking around, after noticing the car I drove. I discovered that she had a good government job. But because of politics and spite and vindictiveness this single mother was fired from her job by this uncaring administration. The government had to downsize to meet revenue goals it claimed. Still, after she and others were dismissed consultants, FNM cronies, were hired, probably and three times her salary, to just sit around and read the newspaper. 

She had to take her children out of private school. She could no longer pay her rent. She could not buy food. The car was all she had left. She talked about her fear every night for her and her girls. She would not park the car the same place more than one night. She was hustling now, doing a little house cleaning here and there to buy food and gas. But she was hopeful, even though she cried every night when she thought her daughters were asleep in the back seat. She was saving up to get an apartment again. Every morning they came to the beach to use the restroom, on the days when it was open; and to get water from the pump behind the building.

But I here you saying aren’t you supposed to be writing about paedophilia? That is exactly what I have been writing about. When those girls were taken out of their private school, they were raped by this administration, raped of their educational opportunities. When they had to leave their apartment, they were raped by this administration, raped of a decent and comfortable place to sleep. And every night God sends, under the stars and the canopy of heaven, this administration rapes them again and again; rapes them of a safe and secure place to lay their beautiful little heads. The trauma they have endured is unimaginable. And this is only one case among many. And some of you want me to call these people in this administration by nice names; decent names; respectable names?

My fellow Bahamians, when you go to the poll this time watch out for them dogs, those political dogs and those religious dogs; blind watchmen, who lack the knowledge to lead; some have become mute dogs, who cannot bark; they lie around and dream nonsense, because they are fast asleep. They are dogs with mighty appetites; they never have enough; leaders who lack understanding; they all have turn to their own way; they seek their own gain.

It is my sincere prayer that in this writing I have offered sufficient biblical language; that I sound a lot more like Jesus. Nevertheless, as a pastor I have refused to be neutral, remaining on the side every pastor should stay on, the side of righteousness and justice and common decency.

I write; you decide