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The United States Supreme Court has disgraced itself by the spurious and illogical reversing of a vested right for its citizens grounded in an expanded right to privacy found to exist in a U S case called Roe vs Wade. The case allowed the individual states in the US to facilitate abortions for women who had unwanted pregnancies.  Women have a right to control their bodies but the aged patriarchy that is now in charge of the U S Supreme Court has thrown out 50 years of precedent, fifty years of the right being vested in women and simply said, here is no such right.  It is wrong on every front. What is worse is one of the leading voices in it is a Black man, the Chief Uncle Tom in America named Clarence Thomas.  He is a sexual harasser in denial it appears and his ethics and that of his wife are currently under attack. Two judges who swore before a recent Senate confirmation hearing that they accepted Roe as precedent joined in overturning it.  The Vice President of the US Kamala Harris who was in the Senate at the time of the confirmation was polite when CNN asked about it.  But we say simply that they lied to get confirmed and then went on to do precisely what they did. The question we think is this: the document by slave owning farmers who did not accept the dignity of Black people  is clearly not apropos today’s  human rights situation, if it allows this aged patriarchy to simply dispense with people’s rights by the stroke of pen.  What a great and crying shame. It is simply appalling that the opposition in the US is unable to overturn this unjust result.