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By Mark Kevinson
Dundas Town

In his political life, he has developed a bit of a reputation as a troublesome fellow, who is always on the wrong side of a cause or right, nipping at the heels of a lost cause, charging at windmills and raging against the wind. By simply behaving and being quiet he might well have been a parliamentarian next time. Alas by his own hand, he has slayed himself. His timing is so impeccably bad that he always ends up losing but thinks he is winning.  He has been PLP at least through the Christie era.  Last week, he resigned in a huff because he was impatient with the process of the nominations for a seat in Pinewood which he badly wants. He doesn’t trust the process. His accusation is that the process is stacked.  You know the fix is in.  He also claimed that there was also a conspiracy to keep the old guard in power.  This coming from a man whose singular aim over the last year was to try to persuade Perry Christie to come back and lead  the PLP. One of the PLP’s youngsters  who is also trying to get a nomination was told this reportedly: “ I would put all young up and coming PLPS in a bucket , fill it with water and watch you drown, if you all don’t wait your turn.” The resignation was a long tirade and of course he chose the usual attacks on Senator Fred Mitchell laced with homophobic characterizations.  He and a group of fifth columnists in the PLP have been engaged in this for months. Ho hum. Now that he is free of the PLP, he should turn in the keys.  No formal letter has reportedly been received.  If one does not come then the disciplinary committee of the PLP will have to act appropriately. He is seen by many to be a sour malcontent. Sorry to see you go said some but others said, good riddance to bad rubbish.