Ricardo Smith Says

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cialis usa illness times;”>image026Ricardo Smith who posts comments from time to time on the web and was a PLP activist during the last campaign had this to say on his Facebook page as he responded to the FNM and their criticism of the decision of the Attorney General not to bring charges against the PLP Minister Alfred Gray.  Last week, health the Chair of the FNM Michael Pintard said he was going to seek judicial review of the AG’s decision.  No doubt he has his head filled up with stupidity on the point by Mr. Judicial Review himself Fred Smith Q C.  There can be no Judicial Review of the absolute power of the Attorney General. The case law is clear.  Wasting time.  Then  the Leader of The Opposition weighed in to say he did not  accept the decisions.  We think that Mr. Smith is right to remind them of the decision to let a man with the last name of Mosko go who had been charged with murder under the FNM, shot a black man in the back and killed him. The FNM’s Attorney General simply let him go.  Here is what Mr. Smith says and we agree:

Whenever Hubert A. Minnis says the name Gray we must say Mosko!!! When they say Gray we say Mosko!!