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discount viagra times;”>Richard Lightbourn, the MP for Montagu, was testing the patience of the Parliament and its Deputy Speaker Dion Smith who was in the Chair on Monday 21 March.  He had been on his feet for three hours trying to get through a one hour presentation.  It was not to be because time after time, he was disrupted by Government Members mainly the Member of Parliament for Fox Hill Fred Mitchell, who objected strenuously to his seeking to put into the record what the Minster said were untested affidavits which were prejudiced toward the Deputy Prime Minister.  The Deputy Speaker  Mr. Smith warned Mr. Lightbourn that he had had enough and needed to move on from his assertions about the Deputy Prime Minister.  He accused him of being tediously repetitious in defiance of the rules and indicated that if he didn’t desist, he would order him to sit down and he would move to the next speaker.