Richard Lightbourn Thrown Under The Bus By The FNM

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Description: Richard Lightbourn

generic cialis times, serif;”>Speaking in the House of Assembly on 3rd August, the Leader of the Opposition Dr Hubert Minnis complexly disassociated himself and the party from the comments of Richard Lightbourn which suggested that women get their tube tied after having two children by law.  Mr. Lightbourn himself was clueless about his offence.  Even though he gave a politically mandated apology, the said in the House that he was misinterpreted. The point he and his supporters like Loretta Butler Turner and the Leader of the Opposition made was that he must be forgiven for making a mistake.  Mrs Butler Turner went farther and accused the PLP of selective outrage because the PLP did not respond to the laughing comments of Leslie Miller MP about beating his girlfriend for fun.  Mr. Miller immediately retorted that Mrs. Butler Turner beats men, referring to the slap that’s she gave to Andre Rollins on the steps of the House of Assembly.  The problem is people keep confining this to the issue of reproductive rights.  This has something to do with it of course but this is purely a racial matter.  Richard Lightbourn is present representative of the racist UBP and he still believes what they believe.  He is perfectly clueless as how it could be offensive for a white man to stand up on a public platform and tell black women they need to get their tubes tied.  Wrong messenger.  Optics are powerful.  Dr. Minnis and his FNM group are really as clueless if they don’t see that fact.