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Fred Smith sadly did not die in the accident in Italy and was back of the front pages of the newspapers of The Bahamas clowning around in wheel chair in Italy as if he were some conquering lion. That he has survived the accident and promises to return to The Bahamas to  create much more mischief in The Bahamas, was not as a result of the prayers of the faithful.  His front organization called Rights Bahamas was in the press denouncing The Bahamas again because our usually timid government stood up to these international bullies who want to tell us how to run our immigration policy.  Once again, he put Fred Mitchell’s name in it. Mr. Mitchell has nothing to do with the policies of immigration but Fred Smith just has a thing with Fred Michell. Poor fella. The problem is that the Rights Bahamas fronting for Fred Smith have again defamed the immigration officials of The Bahamas and will no doubt continue to do so.  For the record, the immigration policies of The Bahamas are not illegal and they are not inhumane. We support the position that if you are not here lawfully you must return to your home country. Simple as that.