Rights Bahamas Causing Mischief

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During the past week, the fake and phony Rights Bahamas Organization, a front body for the weird ideas of Fred Smith Q C, was in the press congratulating the PLP for supporting the Pride Week March which the local LGBTQ community plans to have next year in Nassau. Why having this march is causing such a kerfuffle is beyond logic but such is the prejudice in The Bahamas on this issue. The Bahamas Christian Council in a knee jerk reaction said that they will be countering with a march of their own to denounce it.  At his last press conference, the first Tuesday in November, the Leader of the PLP Philip Davis was asked whether or not he had a view on the proposed LGBTQ march and he said that he supports freedom of expression.  That got translated by the press into a headline that the PLP supports the LGBTQ march.  Of course there is nothing wrong with that either but that is not what he said. The Rights Bahamas Organization, FNM to the core, and supported by Fred Smith QC issued a statement thanking the PLP for supporting the march. You just have to roll your eyes. They don’t mean a word of it.  They were simply trying to pin the society’s homophobia on the PLP and cause mischief.