Roberts On Andre Rollins

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sildenafil times;”>PLP Chair Bradley Roberts issued the following statement after another asinine performance by Andre Rollins in the House of Assembly on Thursday 16 June:

During his contribution to the 2016/2017 Budget Debate yesterday, Fort Charlotte M.P. Dr Andre Rollins threatened that a future FNM Government “reserve the right to void any and all agreements deemed to be contrary to the Sovereign interest of The Bahamas”.  He was speaking specifically in the context of matters on Baha Mar.

While this is a highly reckless and irresponsible statement for any Member of Parliament to make and while by and large the public no longer takes Rollins seriously, the significance of this statement is due to the fact that it was made in the presence of both the present leader of the FMN, Dr Hubert Minnis and that of Mrs. Loretta Butler-Turner who has signaled her intention to challenge for such leadership at the upcoming convention of that Party.  Their silence has the potential to cause persons outside of the country to think that Minnis and/or Butler-Turner condone the remarks.  

All investors, regardless of nationality, must have confidence in the Country and its Governance, regardless of the party in power.  Dr Minnis and Mrs. Butler-Turner must each affirm his or her personal commitment to policies which affirm that principle.  He and she must make clear that Nationalization of privately held property will not be an instrument of public policy of an FNM led by him or her; similarly each must make clear that he or she respects the independence of the judiciary.  This is particularly relevant because the entire Baha Mar matter is in the hands of Receivers and Liquidators, all of whom are being supervised by the Supreme Court of the Bahamas, and thus any agreement on Baha Mar can only be finalized with the approval of the Supreme Court.  

Minnis and Butler-Turner – speak now; loudly and clear.

Rollins allegations of the Government ‘conspiring’ with the Chinese is utter nonsense and is reflective of Rollins been used to spread sick propaganda.  

It is worthy of note that MP Rollins who was elected by the good people of Ft. Charlotte during his two hour diatribe never mention the people of that Constituency. Clearly Rollins has lost his way.