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Bradley Roberts told The Tribune last week that Renard Henfield ought to go get his head examined  We think that is the quote of the week.  It is a fitting response to the very idea that this man Renard Henfield and his criminally convicted buddy John Bostwick  have that the PLP should join their march, a reprise of the so called Black Friday march of November 2016.  Mr. Henfield is all over the place.  Last year when he was invited to meet the Right Honourable Prime Minister, he refused saying he wanted no secret meetings.  So why having insulted the leader of the PLP would any PLP want to join his march. Tell him eff off.  That quote of going to get his head examined was Mr. Roberts’ polite way of saying it.  In the meantime, the PLP is planning a proper march for 10 January.  Mr. Henfield and his band can do what they like but they should not try and fool the Bahamian public by conflating their temporary little political problems with the major issue of Majority Rule.  That is an insult to the history of our country.  He was all over the place with that picture we show of the police giving them permission to march and saying that the police stood up for democracy by allowing them to march when the government refused.  This is a lawyer talking now.  You think he really passed his exams. First of all the Government does not grant or refuse permission to march.  That is for the Commissioner of Police.  Secondly, the government never refused this march.  The issue was whether or not they could use Rawson Square which was previously booked.  Smt. Permission was never denied for him to march.