Rodney Moncur The Clown Tries To Ruin Jermaine Davis’s Event In Gambier

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cialis sales ask times;”>Photo shows Fred Mitchell, stuff Minister of Foreign Affairs, viagra with other guests including fashion designer and Lyford Cay resident Peter Nygard with Jermaine Davis, the host, and his other guests including Bishop Wenith and Ross Davis in Gambier on Christmas Day. (See story below)
There is an expression that we loved that the late Paul Adderley, former Attorney General, once used to describe Henry Bostwick, then Leader of the Opposition.   He called him “ a peripatetic political jack-in-the box”.  Wow.  What an apt expression in today’s atmosphere for the political clown of all clowns Rodney Moncur.  He is FNM today. PLP tomorrow.  DNA the next day.  Nothing the next day.  Workers Party the next day and then FNM again. Who knows?  What we know is that while a party always wants to be a big tent, it has got to be embarrassed to have Rodney Moncur call himself an FNM.  He is a figure so comical and idiotic in his utterances that you wonder which planet is this fellow living on. In Britain there was a real whack job who called himself  Screaming David Lord Sutch .  His stock-in-trade was to appear in a top hat like Pip in the Great Expectations of Dickens and run for office every time there was a bye election.  You see in Britain when election results are announced, it is done on TV, with an all-party stage and each person gets to  take a bow as his or her result is announced.  So it was a great way to get publicity  for a publicity hound.  That is the way this fellow Rodney Moncur comes off.  Every time he has an opportunity to  make himself into a serious and well regarded figure, he ends up embarrassing himself and the party he says he represents, saying and doing things so outrageous and over the top that he thinks that he will get publicity.  The act has worn thin.  The latest escapade was a young activist named Jermaine Davis invited him to a civic function at the Gambier Park on Christmas Day.  In the presence of foreign visitors and guests, Mr. Moncur simply carried on like a natural ass.  Talking about the death penalty and how he supports popping the neck of any young man who  murders someone.  He went on ad nauseam about popping their necks was the only way to stop crime.  How that got to be the business of those people we never know.  Irrelevant is the benign interpretation.  Foolish is a more apt description.  The problem is that all this denunciation makes not one bit of  difference to him. He probably revels in it. But what that young man ( Mr

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. Davis) now should know is that it is probably better not to invite Rodney Moncur to any function again.  It is clear that this is a man who does not know how to behave when he is in his Sunday go-to-meeting clothes. In the old day Mr. Moncur’s mother  would have given him a good cut ass when he got home from embarrassing her  at the function at Gambier. Jesus Christ!