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tadalafil sovaldi times;”>image003The Bible says that there is a time to speak and a time to be silent.  As you get older, hospital that is a lesson that should be well ensconced in your mind.  There are questions like relevancy, sales like sanity or as the Bible would say “to be clothed in your right mind.”  As it comes closer and closer to the final edge, it is better to keep your own counsel and remain silent.   Leslie Miller MP who Loftus Roker, the irascible and increasingly curmudgeonly former Minister of National Security,  says should be fired  as BEC Chairman because of his quirky outspokenness, has a simple  answer for him.  Something like this: “Why would I respond to an old man who having worked for us as hard as he has done and has earned the right to say whatever he wants?”  Mr. Roker is being abused and taken advantage of by a press that is hungry to destroy Perry Christie and the PLP.  They got him this time to come on the radio and he let loose with one set of bromides and non sequiturs which ended up condemning the PLP which he helped to build.   In addition to Mr. Miller being fired, Mr. Roker claimed that there is no succession plan for the PLP.  That is not true but even if it were true, the fact is there is no magic to leading an organization or picking a successor.  If the leader dropped down dead tomorrow, someone will take over and that is all there is too it.  He also said that the Deputy Prime Minister Philip Davis is not a fit person to succeed Mr. Christie as Leader of the PLP or Prime Minister because he “can’t make decisions”.  Hmmm! Mr. Roker was rescued from obscurity by Mr. Davis and brought back into the PLP’s central fold by Mr. Davis.  Ingratitude is stronger than a traitor’s arms, we think.   There you have it. The gospel according to Loftus Roker.  Fortunately it is one of the gnostic gospels and as such anyone who adopts it, is adopting heresy.