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Politics makes strange bedfellows.  Some said that and what a time to show that this is a truism.  Andre Rollins, viagra sale the quizzical and immature MP for Ft. Charlotte, viagra usa who has jumped from party to party and is now an FNM, now says he will run for the FNM if asked.  This is the same fellow who on high moral principles saying that he would not ask for a FNM nomination since he said he could not run under Dr. Hubert Minnis.  All of that has changed now it appears.  He is meeting with Dr. Minnis the press said with a view to finagling an invitation to run again.  He knows he can’t run in Ft. Charlotte. That has already been given to Mark Humes, the former Trade Unionist.  But Mr. Rollins wants to run and he says he may even run as an independent in Long Island.  He is casting about for a place.  None of this would have been necessary if he had simply stayed his behind in the PLP and kept his counsel.  He would have been home and dry.  But you pays your penny and you takes your choice.  Couldn’t have happened to a finer person.  The whole world could have been his but now he is scrapping around in the dark, begging and pleading to get a place, a place that was so secure.  We don’t feel sorry for him.