Rollins And Wells In Their Comfort Zone

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15 November 


cialis canada sick times;”>You could have sworn that they had always been FNMs.  Andre Rollins and Renward Wells who bolted the PLP and joined the FNM looked comfortable in their skins as they appeared before the Council of the FNM.  The FNM published the pictures above of the visit on 15th November to the FNM’s HQ in Freeport.  There FNM Meritorious Councilor and Founder Maurice Moore told the gathered group that those who opposed Hubert Minnis were traitors.  Mr. Wells and Mr.  Rollins looked as if they had returned home like conquering heroes, cialis buy salve sort of like the Israelis are bound to welcome that spy that was just released by the Americans from jail.  You wouldn’t be surprised if it comes out that all along they were spies for the FNM within the PLP.  Mr. Wells said that he plans to run again in Bamboo Town, even though he lied to his constituents about what he was.  In retrospect, the PLP made a mistake in asking them to come in.  They were fakers from the start and had no interest in what the PLP was or is or what it wanted to do.  They simply wanted to get into the House by any means necessary.  Prostitution is of course a fine art in politics.  Now the question the party must ask itself going forward is whether in the future they are simply going to let all come and enter in or whether there is going to be a microscopic examination of  who can become a member and a candidate for the PLP.