Rollins Makes The Cartoons One More Time

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Andre Rollins as he gets near the end appears to be more and more desperate for headlines.  Last week though Jerome Fitzgerald, the PLP’s  standard bearer for Marathon called him a political prostitute and suggested that his proper home was Dowdeswell Street, a place in New Providence known for prostitution of the females selling you know what. The cartoonist who did a number on him the week before about swimming in the vomit that was totally gross and was displayed on this site, had a field day again with Mr. Rollins likeness in pumps and make up on Dowdeswell Street.  Poor Andre bumps could only come back with useless insults about Jerome and bumps on his face.  As Mr. Fitzgerald said in Parliament, Mr. Rollins must go to sleep at night thinking of him.  The cartoon is from The Tribune and it is by Jamal Rolle