Rollins: The Words “Bi Polar Moment”

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best cialis times, serif;”>Someone shouted from their seat as the argument ensued between the Speaker of the House of Assembly Kendal Major and Andre Rollins MP on a point of order the words “bi-Polar moment”. That set Mr. Rollins off in a torrent of abuse from his seat which led to his expulsion from the House on Thursday 14th July. Mr Rollins whose mouth gets in gear before his brain starts working is showing himself to act like a fucking idiot. He was called that word in the House by a Member of Parliament but it was struck from the record but one can see why he was called it. He seems quite a mixed up fellow. No loyalty to anyone, and his political record shows he is thoroughly untrustworthy. He savaged Perry Christie who brought him into the PLP, then worked to dump Hubert Minnis who brought him into the FNM. Then he said he is not supporting Loretta Butler Turner either. The point we guess is that the one he will support is himself. He spends his time mumbling in the House of Assembly and seeking to create artificial confrontations. Last week as he was put out, he then claimed that the advisory by The Bahamas government to warn Bahamian citizens about problems in the US on crime and their interactions with the police was dumb diplomacy. He is fucking dumb. What a thoroughly stupid thing to say. The actions of a fucking asshole. Let’s hope that the politics of this country is rid of him after the last election. A monumental error to have him there. Here is his latest on why he will run as an independent: We hope his ass loses and loses his deposit. Here is what he said in his own words reported in The Tribune on 13 July:

“No, if I am to run under any other banner, it would not be a political party or an established organisation. It would only be as an independent because my time in politics, while very brief thus far, clearly there are persons who have questioned the number of affiliations that I’ve had in this short space of time.

“I can assure you that I will not be running for any other political organisation.

“I’m solidly entrenched with the Free National Movement now and if, depending on the outcome of the convention and some factors I will take into consideration, if not with the FNM, if I run at all it will be as an Independent.

“I’m leaving that option open, absolutely, I’m leaving that option open. I would like to continue to contribute in public life. I haven’t ruled out the possibility that I may not run but I haven’t ruled out the possibility that I may run either.

“The question remains under what banner. By that I mean will I, if not given the opportunity to run with an established party, because let’s be frank the reality is that the leader has a lot of influence in determining whether or not one will be offered a nomination, and if I’m not offered a nomination then it may be that if I am to run it will have to be as an Independent.

“I have to make a decision on that.”