Romi Ferreira Flubs It

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There is no other way you can say it: the video of the Minister for the Environment and Housing Romauld Ferreira answering the question of the Nassau Guardian on 24 September 2019 outside the Cabinet Office makes him look like a frickin idiot. He has the reputation of being red eyed and inebriated looking. They teasingly call him “ Rummy” Ferreira, because of the long nights he used to spend at Da Bing Bar in Fox Hill during the General Election campaign. The Environment community has been shocked at his behaviour since coming to office.  He has been silent as a lamb. When he did speak some 18 days after the devastation of Grand Bahama where there was a massive oil spill of 75 million gallons of oil. His reply was that the oil spill had impacted one goat and three birds. The video went viral and his reputation is now in tatters.  He came back by saying that the comment was taken out of context. Minister please: tie the donkey and pin the tail on us.