Romi Loses His Portfolio?

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Poor Romi Ferreria. He was supposed to be under watch and guard because his life was in danger so said the wacky loony tune lawyer from Freeport. He went to the Inter American Human Rights Commission and made a phoney case on this point. Everyone knows that there was on danger, as he hung out in the Da Bing Bar in Fox Hill until 1 p.m. each morning. The back chat is that he has been having trouble doing his job and needed to seek professional help about a personal matter. It took him three weeks to respond to the oil spill in Long Island. Now what is happening now is curious. On Saturday 25 November, there was a document which looks like it was circulated from the Cabinet Office announcing a portfolio change and it looks like all of his work has been gutted from him and given to the Prime Minister. This was later dismissed as fake news but it shows the volatility of Mr. Ferreira’s situation.