Ron Pinder, Former MP, In His Own Words

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The issue was whether or not the marriage between the couple in the photo now Mr and Mrs Alfred and Rickia Pratt was lawful in that it was between a man and a woman.  The answer was yes after the picture surfaced last week on social media sites; the accusations thereafter came that a same sex marriage had taken place in The Bahamas.  For clarity, best cialis the Attorney General Allyson Gibson who has superintendence of the Registrar General’s office made a simple statement saying that the law does not allow same sex marriage in The Bahamas and that no such marriage had been conducted.  The Deputy Registrar Ron Pinder went further though and indicated that in his view the social media were suggesting that he was homosexual and thus the second facsimile from the Nassau Guardian.  In the laws of libel in this country, tadalafil you are protected from injury to your reputation in the mainstream press by the fact that they will not publish rumour which may be damaging to one’s reputation.  However, you can give them an in when you yourself address the issue.  After that, everything becomes fair comment.  We say no more.