Ronnie Butler Has A Word For The Artists At the Junkanoo carnival

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cialis sale purchase times;”>rbutlerRonnie Butler should have been knighted for his contribution to the cultural life of the country but he has not.  But to prove what a trooper he is, buy viagra help we think that it is worth it to repeat for the sake of the younger artists his message on charging for the Carnival.  Everyone is making noise mainly based on misinformation about what foreign artists are being paid.  The Commission explained that everyone is getting market rates.  No more; no less.  This includes the foreign artists.  Mr. Butler told The Tribune the following, buy published on 4th January:

“In terms of payment, what I asked for was fair. You have to understand that this money is the Bahamian people’s money. We worked for that, this isn’t the government’s money, this is mine and yours and I will not participate in this overcharging thing. I want a decent payment for what I am due but I do not feel like I am going overboard. The problem is, some of these artists hear about the $9 million (budget) for carnival and they want their big piece of that, when most of them have never seen more than $2,000. There is nothing wrong with asking for what you think you deserve, but you cannot overcharge. That just is not right. My conscience will not allow me to ask for $50,000 to sing two songs – that’s like robbery.”