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For Immediate Release

November 29, 2015


The former DNA Golden Gates Constituency Association finds it unfortunate that the leadership of the Democratic National Alliance (DNA) would stoop to this level in an attempt to try destroy Mr. Delano Munroe character.

The arrangements with the DNA Carmichael Association was a Constituency Association arrangement and not personal to an individual.

Both Constituencies agreed to order DNA shirts collectively as a region. Carmichael funds were received on October 28, 2015 for an event that they wanted them for within (3) three days. It was arranged via an email between the two Association that funds would be returned in the form of a Managers Cheque to the Carmichael Association on November 6, 2015 which we did the sum of $291.00.

The Golden Gates Constituency Association has not submitted an application on behalf of Mr. Munroe for candidate. Mr. Munroe advised the Association that he withdrew his consideration for application.

We encourage the DNA to focus on the issues of the Country and not focus their attention on attempting to destroy individual characters. Mr. Munroe is a respectable man in the community and should not have been personally single out for an Association matter.

Once again we wish the DNA all the best and encourage them to focus on maintaining their dwindling membership and fixing their internal problems within the DNA.

The end.



DNA Focused on Defining Candidate List

For Immediate Release

November 29, 2015

Since the 2012 general elections, the Democratic National Alliance has dedicated itself to recruiting the best and brightest minds to join the party and have been very successful thus far in finding individuals whose vision aligns itself with the philosophy and ideals of the DNA. Unfortunately, we have also had instances of individuals who have sought to join the party to further their personal agendas or as an attempt to benefit financially.

Over the past few days, one such individual has attempted to misrepresent his interactions with the DNA in an effort to discredit the party’s impact. During the last election, Delano Munroe was selected by the party as one of the 38 candidates; however, amid allegations of theft and a pending trial he was asked not to run. Early on in the party’s candidate selection process for the 2017 general elections, Munroe again made his interest known and had requested to be considered as the party’s standard bearer in the Golden Gates Constituency.

Contrary to assertions made by Munroe in certain segments of the media, he did not resign as a candidate with the DNA, but was asked to withdraw his name from the running after he was found to have misappropriated funds from another constituency association. Upon discovering his dishonesty, the leadership of the party met with him and had given him a deadline in which to return the missing funds. This action is consistent with the DNA’s public commitment to offering quality candidates in the upcoming general election: Persons of integrity, persons of vision and good character and persons who can command the respect and support of the voting public.

Munroe’s departure follows similar actions taken by other former candidates of the DNA. Despite the political rhetoric though, this in no way indicates a hemorrhaging of talent from the ranks of the DNA. It is, and should be viewed publicly however, as part of a wider effort to refine our potential list of candidates.

Since making history as the first THIRD PARTY to run a full slate of candidates, garnered almost 10% of the votes, all within being formed eleven months prior to the 2012 general elections, the DNA has had time to refine its search and choose the best possible options. As expected, this means that some individuals who had received nominations previously, were not chosen to run again. Undoubtedly driven by their own political ambitions, those persons have since moved on to other parties; we wish them well.

The Democratic National Alliance will remain unmoved and committed to providing the country with a viable alternative to the lackluster, irresponsible and ineffective governance currently provided by the PLP. We encourage all persons who wish to be true agents of change to join us in creating the kind of Bahamas we can all be proud of.

Andrew Wilson
DNA Chairman