Row Over Christie Meeting (Minnis Gets His Times Mixed Up On Purpose)

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check times;”>image039Nothing as it seems with the Opposition Free National Movement.  The Leader of the Opposition Dr. Hubert Minnis was invited by the Prime Minister to have a look at the Bahamar file which would have shown that all material times the Prime Minister was not aware of any move by Sarkis Izmirlian to  go to bankruptcy court in the United States.  Remember this is an allegation made by Dr. Minnis that the Prime Minister was fooling the Bahamian people when he said that he had no notice of it.  Then Dr. Minnis replied he had to check with his fellows before he could come.  When he got their clearance, advice   it was agreed that it would be him and his Deputy Peter Turnquest MP.  He was also told that he should come at 11 am on 6th July not 10 am.  He chose instead to show up with an entourage of 8, nine including himself and he showed up at 10 not 11.  Then when the Prime Minster was not there at 10, he left in huff claiming that the Prime Minister was not serious in his offer.  Things get curiouser and curiouser.  He never meant for it to succeed.  It was all for show.