Sam Duncombe’s Racist Exchange

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Sam Dumcombe has an environmental group which is called Re Earth. Last week, we published an e mail exchange between herself and the Deputy Director of the Bahamas Information Services about the much talked about initiative to find funding for Bahamian fishermen using Chinese capital. It has suddenly turned into an anti-Chinese tirade by Bahamians led in part by the kind of commentary we highlight today. We publish the except from that exchange today again to make the point that her comment is racist. We are terribly surprised and disappointed at Sam Duncombe who ought to know better. All of it is fine except for the line about perhaps the yellow in our flag was prophetic. That is racist. She is warning of some yellow peril. What a shame. It is simply disgraceful.

This is the PLP’s Longline Fishing.
China is actively seeking out other countries fishing grounds to fully exploit them. Our fisheries need conservation not wholesale rape!
Perhaps the yellow “sun” in our flag was prophetic!

We all know how the “100 Bahamian businesses” are going to work…
and as a country that has ZERO food security the notion that the government could open up our fisheries and farming to a country as voracious as China is downright unconscionable!
We say HELL NO!
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