Sammy Starr Robbed

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From his Facebook page 19 June 2020

I tried not to say anything but its so heavy on my heart and I know there are people that tried to express how this type of experience made them feel only to receive sympathy because of the sadness of the experience, understandably so because that’s all one can give but…..earlier tonight I was made to get out of my wife’s car, lay on the ground face down and robbed at gun point; an experience I thought I’d never have to go through…..what’s worse is, where did this take place, in front of my home…with my children at some points looking outside saying “Daddy..” not realizing what was happening. All I was saying and praying to God was “Please don’t kill me in front of my family and for that matter at all because I have so much to live for, mainly loving my family and being there for my children, making my contribution to society and most of all, do God’s will”………2 young men, no older than 17 politely walked up to me, cocked their pistol in my face, pulled me out of the car, made me lay down face first onto the street in my quiet, one way street neighbourhood and proceeded to rob me, asking me questions about what I had, my life, and at this point I’m lost words; for anything but life….. God answered my prayers, after about 3 minutes of searching my pockets, my car, they grabbed my hat off of my head, threw it down and suddenly stopped and ran away. I called my friend Freddie Slugger Lightbourne and he sent officers right away, 4 cars came within about 15 min. My friend Kyle Walkine happened to be next door by neighbour, both he and my neighbour came over and stayed until the police left. My wife and children were terrified when they realized what happened. I’m telling you, the worse experience I’ve ever had was this….what made it worse was knowing they were all right inside, inside of the home on the street where I was laying face down with a gun pointed to my back/head. I thank God for sparing my life, it could have been so much worse. I can’t imagine leaving my family behind so soon or at all….. Why I am revealing this, because If you’ve ever been through this experience and you’re still dealing with the fear, anxiety and pain from it all…. I totally get it and I pray that it gets better for you over time. Thank God for Life and a chance to be there for those you love….. I just thank God for Life… I still can’t believe I went through this, but I’m no better than anyone else… So I’m thankful. I still believe it will get better. 💯