The Hon. Obie Wilchcombe of Sandra Edgecombe Passing

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Minister of Tourism

A tribute to the life of educator the late Sandra Edgecombe


Sandra Edgecombe was the preeminent Blue Jay!  She made real the hopes and dreams of thousands.  She admonished, encouraged and nurtured young men and young women to become citizens of purpose and commitment. 

Her life was dedicated to the education of the nation’s youth.  She embodied the ideals of the great educators who believe that education is the passage to true freedom in the journey to a higher quality of life and living.  Along life’s journey she impacted the lives of thousands in whom she emptied her heart and soul of love and knowledge. 

When tragedy struck she shared the pain of the parents; when the children cried she cried; and when they celebrated she led the parade. She was always there, each and every day and with each and every step.  Her voice was strong and her message was clear. It was a message of hope reminding our youth to embrace the opportunity of education and to fly high!

Sandra Edgecombe became on iconic fixture of the education landscape in Grand Bahama.  From East to West she touched all! SHE SACRIFICIED – SHE GAVE – SHE INSPIRED – SHE LOVED – SHE MADE A DIFFERENCE – A BLUE JAY SHE WILL ALWAYS BE FLYING HIGH ABOVE US!

I celebrate her life! She was God’s gift to us all!  We thank God because our lives have been enriched because Sandra Edgecombe walked this way!