Sarkis Has A Personal Problem And Lawyers Up

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buy viagra viagra times;”>image002Speaking on the radio programme of Jeff Lloyd on Thursday 30th July, viagra sale sovaldi Sarkis Izmirlian, the developer of the Bahamar project at Cable Beach now in bankruptcy, told Mr. Lloyd that he feels that the Prime Minster attacked him personally.  Hmmm.  You remember the Prime Minister issued a statement saying that he feared for Mr. Izmirlian’s mental health.  We do as well.  The statement was issued after the second time Mr. Izmirlian sat at the table with the Prime Minister and sent him a private note imploring the Prime Minister to help, then he went out and attacked the Prime Minister publicly. So it the Prime Minister’s statement about Mr. Izmirlian’s mental health did not come without cause.  The statement that Mr. Izmirlian feels personally attacked is proof that we ought to be concerned.  This is a man who is the author and finisher of his fate.  He blames everyone: the stars, the unions, the banks, he attacks his neighbours at Breezes, the government, the Prime Minister, the contractor.  Everyone is at fault except himself.  The truth be told, the project appears to be above his pay grade.  He simply does not have the wherewithal to finish the project.  Instead of admitting that and seeking help, he goes on the attack.  He lawyers up.  He has now hired Maurice Glinton Q C to work for him.  So Mr. Glinton’s specialty is to be able to poke holes in any application that one makes to the courts.  While he himself is talented and we trust that he has collected a big retainer, we wonder if fundamentally lawyering up is going to get Mr. Izmirlian anywhere. For the Bahamas government the project is too big to fail and the project must get going so that it can be opened by Christmas. If it is with Mr. Izmirlian fine.  If not all the better.