Sarkis Loses His Balls And His Marbles

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viagra buy viagra times;”>Last week, sildenafil sovaldi sale the last gasp of the dying was heard from Sarkis Izmirlian. In a statement to the press on Monday 2nd November.   He claimed that the government made the wrong move by facilitating the receivership which took place when his banker China Export Import Bank decided they had had enough of his bullshit and  appointed a receiver.  He started singing the song that the government and the bank had conspired to take his property away from him.  Just some facts.  The property is valued at 1.8 billion dollars.  The amount of money loaned is 2.8 billion dollars.  That means the property is in a financial sense under water and he has no equity in it.  Further, ailment he could not pay his  bills to the bank.  What is more likely is that when he looked at the math, he realized that even if the hotel were finished , he couldn’t pay the debt by the receipts from revenues.  So he came up with the clever idea of going into bankruptcy.  He was too clever by half. Now that the bank is in the driver’s seat,  it needs to move quickly.  After all the bank was saved millions of dollars by the bankruptcy not succeeding in America.  They should now work to get the Bahamian employees back to work and get the hotel opened as soon as possible.