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cialis sales buy viagra times;”>Late on Saturday night 11 July, Sarkis Izmerilan whose company has filed for bankruptcy struck back at the stories ciruculating in the Bahamian press over the weekend that he was out and that a new buyer was being found for his project without him.  He wrote a memo to the people who work for him at Bahamar called “ citizens” ( the bloody cheek of this man)  of Bahamar to defend the move to go for bankruptcy in the United States.  He says that he had to do it because in Bahamian law it  is not possible to hold your creditors at bay while you reorganize.  That is not true.  If the Bank puts in a receiver/ manager, the bank can run the project until such time as a buyer is found.  This man does not  get it.  He is done like a turkey.  Please someone stick a fork in him.  The letter as it was sent appears below in two parts:

image001 image002