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generic cialis viagra cialis times;”>6th July 2015

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malady times;”>The delay in Baha Mar Citizens being paid is a Government of The Bahamas, not a Baha Mar, issue.  Baha Mar essentially provided the Government over five days ago the information the Government requested.  Subsequently, the Government has kept coming back to Baha Mar continually for more information, even as the Government announced in the newspapers this morning that it had made arrangements for prompt payment. Each time Baha Mar has provided as quickly as possible the requested information. Baha Mar finds it disgraceful that the salaries due Baha Mar employees have not yet been paid. Baha Mar was fully prepared to pay these salaries in a timely manner having received approval from the U.S. Court under Chapter 11 to do so. The Government however saw fit, apparently for its own reasons, to participate in the obstruction of this process and has to date been unable to deliver on its promise regarding Baha Mar Citizens. We urge the Government to fulfill this obligation which it said it was assuming for this pay period.


It is unconscionable and disappointing that Baha Mar should be forced to divert time and resources away from the critical task of completing construction and opening Baha Mar successfully as a result of the Government concocting a sideshow for its own purposes. One truly has to wonder why the Government is not fully supporting the one investor – the project’s developer – which, along with the people of The Bahamas, have been victimized by the repeated failures of the general contractor to complete construction on schedule and as promised. The Government’s behavior, simply put, has sown confusion and doubt about the future of Baha Mar.