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The FNM Government with great fanfare has named the Coconut Grove Park and the building thereon which built originally by the National Insurance Board as the Edmund Moxey Community Centre. Mr. Moxey founded Jumbey Village and promoted Bahamian music and culture.  This is all fine and good and no doubt Ed Moxey did some good for The Bahamas and its culture.  What is objectionable however is that there is this rewriting of history.  Sir Lynden Pindling went to his grave having done a great favour to Ed Moxey and is family by never ever disclosing why he was dismissed from the Government.  We speak no evil here.  Lips are sealed.  The problem is that the FNM keeps parroting the narrative that the PLP is crooked and corrupt.  They of course tell only one side of the story.  Those who left the PLP are seen as heroes and victims of injustice.  We simply say there are two sides to the story.  At this juncture then we say rest in peace.