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Adrian Gibson and the Prime Minister

Last week shook the confidence of the Free National Movement and all their Cabinet ministers as they took to the hustings. The bombshell was that of Adrian Gibson, the puerile Chairman of the Water and Sewerage Corporation, who has a reputation of a bull in a China shop at the Corporation.  He has been accused during his tenure of being fiercely partisan, prejudicial and downright nasty in his social and business manners.  But as you see from the photo above, no matter what the Prime Minister stuck with him and did nothing and said nothing about his reported bad behaviour.  The practice continued last week when it was revealed that Mr. Gibson gave his finance at the time a contract in the millions to do work for the Corporation. His only answer was that it was approved by the Board. That does not settle the conflict of  interest question. One FNM Cabinet minister said that he thought things were going good enough in the circumstances but as soon as that news came out, when he appeared on the doorsteps all people were asking about was what the FNM intended to do about Adrian Gibson. It appears that they are going to do nothing and their ship will sink.  The Leader of the Opposition Philip Davis called for an investigation under the bribery statute.