Sebas Sounds Off

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cialis canada times;”>Money can’t buy you love says the song but money it appears can cause you to say things that you shouldn’t.  Well here in his own words now is the man who is to be our king, one Sebas Bastian who as a rich young man, with access to all the political elite, their phone numbers.  They are it appears at his beck and call. Those facts for a young man can skew reality to some real hard cold facts of life and a little too big for the britches.  He spoke to The Tribune and this is what he says is his own words as reported by Nico Scavella on Friday 29 January:

“I leave politics to politicians; I am not a politician.  I have zero aspirations of becoming a politician. I can serve my country better in the capacity in which I serve it now, in the private sector where I can invoke positive change. I don’t want to be a part of any political party at this particular time because I’m focused on my own career, my own aspirations and my own goals.

 “I’m already a member of Parliament in my perspective because I represent the hopeless and everybody that needs opportunity and help on a daily basis, so I represent the Bahamas now.”

 “I’m running in The Bahamas, the entire Bahamas, and I’m going to be the voice of the people in the private sector.

“…One of the reasons I would never enter into politics is because I was never born to be a follower, I could only lead. And in the political climate there is today you have to tow the line to lead, and I ain’t going to tow no line to lead no party.

 “So with all that said, if you want to see me in Eleuthera, better hope I’m on vacation . . .I’ll be in (North) Eleuthera, North Andros, Long Island, wherever it is that I can help and Bahamians need help, that’s where I’ll be. So my constituency is all 38 of them.”