Senator Fred Mitchell Addresses Fox Hill Churches

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13 August 2019

This year Senator Fred Mitchell issued the following statement to mark Fox Hill Day:

Senator Fred Mitchell tells ZNS the story of why the PLP supported Fox Hill Day.
His remarks in the Churches follow.

Remarks by Senator Fred Mitchell
Fox Hill Day
13 August 2019

I am pleased to be here again this year to carry on the tradition of Fox Hill Day. This is a Fox Hill tradition since the 1880s at least. We have been coming as a party every since 1998.

I have joining me as usual this year is the newly re-elected Leader of the Opposition Hon Philip Brave Davis MP

We have all come other colleagues and friends for two principle reasons. One is to ensure that we show our solidarity with the people of Fox Hill. The other is to give support for the history and historical journey of African men and women in The Bahamas.

That journey goes as far back as the 17th century when Africans were brought here as slaves; through emancipation and majority rule and national independence.

At every step of the way our party has been in the leadership positions on these issues and we have been at the forefront of the development of the lives and work of African people and indeed all Bahamians in this country.

We believe that this Fox Hill Festival is not only important for the growth and development self esteem of the people of Fox Hill but it is the only national genuflection to the role that African people have played in the development of our country.

In and out of government we have supported it.

Thank you for inviting us here.

As a token of our love and appreciation, I will ask the Leader of the party to come with his remarks and then make a presentation to the church.

God’s blessings on Fox Hill, this church and the Commonwealth of The Bahamas.