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On Friday 24 July 202, Senator Jamal Moss was smelling his top lip.  He was showing his ass off in the Senate getting up in big people’s business. He got put in his place by the PLP’s Senator Fred Mitchell so in an act of petulance issued a statement in which he was portrayed as some kind of hero.  But here is what was posted on line about him and then the PLP’s response to the false praise of himself

From Grants Town resident:

He’s fighting for his seat in the senate to continue. As you are aware it is alleged that he was going to be fired based on fb reports. 

From Crooked Island:

I told you all before  this lil ass even try to sound mock Hubert  Ingraham a light weight who trying to find his way and Hubert Minnass Political asinine follower Annafaye them pushing him to be an attack dog to bite at PLP contributions  but yield not to  temptation just keep beating them with political cow cork and kicking  their asses out of the poor people way your performances is above their pay grade mash them down teach them demon lessons professor

From the PLPs Vice Chair Obie Roberts:

24 July 2020

Tonight there was a statement issued by FNM propagandists which sought to portray Senator Jamal Moss as some sort of hero in the Senate  today. His antics fell flat. The report of his antics is inaccurate and based on lies told in the Senate about what the PLP represents on this pandemic.

When someone is a liar they are also capable of other nefarious activities. The statements made in the Senate today by Senator Moss were inaccurate, untrue and self serving.

He was not even aware of what transpired  between the Prime Minister  and the Leader  of the Opposition. We feel sorry for him. He owes the PLP an apology for  allowing a misleading  and tendentious story to be released about his poor performance in the Senate today. He embarrassed himself and his party.

Shame on him.