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Senator Jobeth Coleby Davis, Shadow Minister for Education, at her press conference yesterday asking the Government to answer questions on its virtual platform for students. Did you properly train the teachers? Why didn’t the contract go out to bid? Is the Government getting value for money? The Minister of Education must answer. Senator Fred Mitchell, party chairman, joined the conference. 15 October 2020.
In a statement, the Ministry said it was “pleased” with the progress in schools since the start of the academic year. If they’re pleased, they’re the only ones. Students are frustrated. Parents are worried, and angry. Teachers are, in many cases, stepping in to save the day, but they’re fed up, too. How out of touch is the government, to say they’re “pleased”, as everyone tries to clean up the chaos created by their failures? Tablets that don’t work. Incompatible platforms. Incorrect passwords. Missing curriculum. Administrators that have been left out of the loop. What a mess. – Senator JoBeth Coleby Davis