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On 6 May 2020, the Bridge which was the single causeway to allow traffic between Spanish Wells and nearby Russell Island collapsed. The bridge had been awaiting repairs since a contract was signed in July of last year. It was sign again of the FNM and its inability to execute anything successfully. They had all the excuses.  They blamed this open on Hurricane Dorian and the inability of the contractor to get the bridge manufactured in time because Grand Bahama where it was being done suffered under Hurricane Dorian. There is always a reason. We are sure they are searching around to blame the PLP in some way.  But this is yet again a sign of FNM negligence  and inattention to detail. Senator Clay Sweeting who lives on Russell Island issued a statement.

6 May 2020

As we continue to navigate through the social and economic challenges of COVID-19, another unfortunate incident occurred today with the bridge connecting Spanish Wells and Russell Island collapsing this afternoon. 

We must be thankful that no one was injured and all lives were spared.  The bridge has been a matter of concern for some time and I must note that the contract to upgrade and replace the bridge was signed in July 2019. As far as I am aware the new bridge is still sitting in containers on Russell Island waiting to be installed.  

One must also note that the water main that was attached to the bridge that serviced the community on Russell Island has also been destroyed. The residents are now  without potable water.  

It would also be remiss of me if I didn’t note the red water that is quite evident in the photo which poses another issue for the residents in North Eleuthera. 

There is no way now for vehicular traffic to traverse from Spanish Wells, the commercial  and business centre and Russell  Island  which is largely residential. 

I would recommend that the Government works with haste to replace the bridge and ensure that the residents of this community once again have safe potable water.