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The flight was supposed to leave Long Island’s Deadman’s Cay Airport at 9:30 a m. It did not. True to form in The Bahamas the flight was late.  It was two hours late. The Chairman of the PLP Senator Fred Mitchell was in Long Island on Monday and Tuesday 7th and 8th October 2019 to visit the grave of the late Captain Alphonso Moree. He needed to be in Nassau for the Leader of the Opposition’s press conference scheduled for Tuesday 8th October 2019 at 11 a.m.  There is no reason why if the flight had not been on time why he could not have made it.  Instead, he missed it and then there were the knock effects of the day including issues with his private business. This is the story throughout The Bahamas. The casual indifference on time and the lack of concern about  being timely in what we do. There is no such thing as Bahamian time. The time is time and we need to do something about this. Service generally is an issue from the mechanic who fixes the car, to the waiter in the restaurant, to the government services. It is simply appalling at all levels. The airlines need to pull their socks up.  There is not one airline without exception in The Bahamas that can keep a schedule.