Sharine Johnson Poitier PLP Council Member Calls Out The Speaker

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The appalling and dishonourable conduct of the Speaker of the House on 27th April, 2020.

I write to address the conduct of the Speaker of the Honourable House of Assembly, Hon. Halston Moultrie.  He is certainly the worst speaker in the history of our beloved nation and has brought the Office of the Speaker to an all-time low.  Today, 27th April, 2020 marks the 55th anniversary of Black Tuesday.  On this day, 55 years ago, Sir Lynden Pindling, the then Opposition Leader went down in the annals of history when he threw the Mace out of the window of the House of Assembly as he echoed the words, “The Mace belongs to the people and the people are outside.” The then UBP Government, at this time, was oppressing the average, disenfranchised, poor blacks in the country.  

Hon. Halston Moultrie, the people are outside paying attention, as they wait.  Every constituency and every Family Island will send a resounding message come 2022, or before, to this uncaring, heartless FNM/UBP Government.  This Government has put the country on a path where the poor has been neglected, young people ignored, elderly and disabled seemingly forgotten.  With massive joblessness and daily cries for help and hope, Bahamians will not soon forget how over five thousand civil servants were fired under this cruel FNM Government. 

What happened in the House of Assembly today, by ejecting the Leader and Deputy Leader of Her Majesty’s Royal Opposition out of the House of Assembly, should never have occurred.  

LET ME REMIND THIS CLUELESS FNM GOVERNMENT THAT THE BAHAMAS IS STILL A DEMOCRATIC COUNTRY.  It saddens me to see how this Government, who came in on a campaign of lies, touting their care for “The People”, has taken us as a country back 55 years since coming into office in May 2017.  

I pray that God rescues us, the people, from this heartless Government. “The people” have had enough!

SKJ Poitier

Bahamian Citizen