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So the assignment is quite simple.  The messenger should go to the bank and deposit a cheque into the bank for the sum of four thousand dollars. The bank on which the cheque is drawn is the same bank into which the money is to be deposited.  So the messenger shows up to the bank cheque in hand but the bank refuses the deposit saying that the only way it can be done is through the ATM.  So start again. That means that the principal, that is the one who owns the cheque, will have to leave his office because the deposit at the ATM requires a pin, and then they tell you that unless your make special arrangements the money is not available which was the reason you wanted a deposit from one account to the next.  That is the silliness of doing banking in The Bahamas. That is the silliness which the Central Bank of The Bahamas wants to defend in the name of modernity.  Nonsense.