Sir Michael Barnett Mixes Up In House Of Assembly Business

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Graduates from the Eugene Dupuch Law School pictured with (front row, viagra sales from left) Rudranath Maharaj, Hugh Wooding Law School, Trinidad and Tobago; Jacqueline Samuels-Brown QC, former Chairman of the Council of Legal Education; Reginald Armour, Chairman of the Council of Legal Education; Sir Michael Barnett, former Chief Justice of the Bahamas; Tonya Bastian Galanis, Principal, Eugene Dupuch Law School; and Carol Aina, Principal, Norman Manley Law School. 23 September

Sir Michael Barnett, the former Chief Justice, criticized MPs for their response to the ruling of Justice Indra Charles,  He was critical of the response of Jerome Fitzgerald MP who said that he would do it again.  That is he would read the emails in the House again. Sir Michael thought that this was defiance of the rulings of the Court and then went on to suggest that this was some grave threat to the independence of the Judiciary.  That certainly overstates the case. There is no threat at all.  The ruling of Justice Charles is perverse and it should be set aside.  It doesn’t matter what any Court of Appeal has to say on the question some time down the road. The fact is this foolish ruling prevails now.  It should be denounced and denounced in the strongest terms.  The former Chief Justice certainly knows that justice is not a cloistered virtue.