SKY BAHAMAS IS ABOUT TO FAIL ( So much for Peter Turnquest)

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There was a report from Randy Butler who is the principal shareholder of Sky Bahama, the airline that upset the applecart in the past decade or so with a reputation for good service and running on time as opposed to Bahamasair  which is always hopelessly late.  Within the past two years, the airlines has simply been unable to pay its bills. Mr. Butler has been bitterly protesting the ability of Bahamasair to undercut the market by their reliance on the public treasury for funding.  They owe a substantial bill to the Airport Authority and to NAD, the company which is managing the airport.  Bottom line is Mr. Butler reported last week that the airline has been grounded and is in its death throes. What is not said of course is the Peter Turnquest, the Minister of Finance, is a minority shareholder in the business and was up until recently managing its accounts. The airline has been a failure and he is the Minister of Finance. Any advice coming from him on finance should now be met with the cry: physician heal thyself.  In his first year as Minister, he granted cuts on customs duty for airline parts. He claimed when called out on it that he did not see the cuts on airline parts until he was reading it in the House of Assembly that day. Things that make you go: hmmmm.