Smoke In The Atmosphere

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(Comment follows the photos)

Last week as we went to upload, the skies in New Providence were alight with a burning fire.  It turns out that as winds blew and raged last week near 30 knots, a forest fire which was left to burn out, had embers fly across to the public dump and there was nothing there to stop the damn thing from blazing.  It was something else.  Prime Minister Perry Christie, the Minister for the Environment Ken Dorsett and MP Leslie Miller all rushed to the scene.  There were some carpet baggers as well.  DNA Leader Branville McCartney was there complete with his mask.  The FNM Candidate Don Saunders spoke on TV and talked about “feets”.  Feet is in fact plural so need to add an s to it. Hmm. As of today, the fire is still burning, smoking everyone out of house and home. Leslie Miller complained that the people should have been put in hotels, not makeshift camps in an auditorium.   Melanie Griffin, the Social Services Minister had to answer Loretta Butler Turner, the Leader of the Opposition in the House when she claimed that people were being put in playpens.  Residents were moved out of their homes and it is not known when they can return. Not a good thing to happen just before a general election. The thing is this is just a fire and the unavailability of mechanisms to put out the fire were not a good sign.  Just get some water and put the damn fire out. That’s all people want to hear.  All the rest is commentary and blowing smoke. Pardon the pun.