SO MINNIS LAUNCHES HIS RE-ELECTION CAMPAIGN So Minnis launches his campaign huh! Nothing can save him

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The following statement was issued by the Leader of the Progressive Liberal Party about the fake Town Hall meeting held by the Prime Minister at which he then announced was the launch of his re-election campaign.  This sent some PLPs into a tizzy calling on the party to get in the field and to get candidates ratified. The party has never been out of the field. If Minnis is bad, let him call the general election now.  It is clear he will not.  He will not call the election before 2022 and if you listened to what he actually said in his address at the rally, he reaffirmed that the date for the election is 2022.

22 January  2020

For  Immediate  Release 

The so-called Town  Hall meeting was a meeting by false pretences. This meeting which was advertised as a forum for public dialogue with  the nation’s  prime minister  turned out to be nothing more than rally in the alley.

The Prime Minister must say who paid for this and whether  any Government  funds were expended to support  last night’s  rally.

There was no new ground broken last night. It was the same mish mash of attacks on the PLP which passes for policy by the FNM. The Prime Minister  turns out to be useless and clueless.

So desperate was he that he had to use a junkanoo  group to draw a crowd.  He appeared with this condemned  minister Marvin Dames.

So with hurricane relief in disarray,  people  with no beds in hospital, our children in the streets with no teachers, the Prime Minister  can find time for trash talking on a public park.

He is totally  clueless.