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There as a little chatter because on Friday 17 April 2020, the Prime Minister Hubert Minnis answered his phone when called on the Steve McKinney Show.  PLPs were upset because one of their own was on the show praising Mr. Minnis but seeking a PLP nomination.  But the other more major points that there were all the telephone callers lined up to say what a good job Mr. Minnis was doing in this lockdown. Sorry about that but they are all wrong.  He is doing a hopeless job, insensitive and full of hubris as he wreaks havoc on the Bahamian people, bumbling from one bad decision after the next. Those who are believers have to ask yourself : since God rewards good to those who serve him,  and punishes the wicked for doing evil, what does it mean when a Prime Minister comes to office and all he faces is fire, flood and now plague? He is condemned seems to us and we need to say no more.