St Kitts And Nevis Parliament Dissolved 12 May 2020

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While do date has been set for the general elections, Sir S W Tapley, Governor General of St Kitts and Nevis on the advice of the Prime Minister Dr. Timothy Harris dissolved Parliament on 12 May 2020, setting the stage for a general election which must be held before 12 August 2020. Dr Harris says that he expects that his coalition will win 8 of the 16 seats instead of 7 that it presently has.  Dr. Harris is said to be under some threat from his Foreign Minister Mark Brantley who if they win 8 seats is expected to challenge Dr. Harris for the leadership of the coalition.  Dr. Harris sought to eliminate his long standing rival former Prime Minister Dr. Denzil Douglas because during the time as Leader of the Opposition, Dr. Douglas accepted a diplomatic passport from Dominica to facilitate his travel around the world. Dr. Douglas is going to contest the general election.