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viagra canada drugstore times;”>Statement issued by Bradley Roberts, viagra sale National Chairman of the Progressive Liberal Party

Sunday January 17th 2016

Mr. Michael Pintard, the chairman of the FNM has again shown his predilection of resorting to gutter politics and personal attacks when his organization is challenged in public debate and political discourse.

Recently I referred to eight ratified FNM candidates as “hapless, perennial and visionless personalities.” My comments, which are as a result of an engaging national commentary on those eight persons was done in the strictest political vein and at no time did my comments stray outside of the boundaries the politics of Candidacy and of their being the first born FNM Candidates of Dr. Hubert Minnis, the FNM Leader; and what I thought was dramatically missing in his decision making process and leadership choices, given the myriad of complex challenges facing The Bahamas.

Remember it was Dr. Minnis who keeps pontificating about a new vision for a new Bahamas so I along with the rest of The Bahamas waited with bated breath his version of “the best and the brightest” to build this new Bahamas. Needless to say, The Bahamas was let down and sorely disappointed.

Then along comes Mr. Pintard, a self-appointed comedian extraordinaire and Serial Political Skit Writer who decides to use peculiar metaphors to attack me, one of which was – according to him – to refer to me as “a toothless dinosaur.” Well for Mr. Pintard’s information, I still have most of my teeth and therefore I have the ability to bite and to bite hard – in fact so hard that he, his hapless leader Minnis and many in the FNM leadership embarrassingly screamed in pain. Dr. Minnis was in the newspapers recently seeking validation from the honourable Prime Minister.

No leader worth his salt seeks validation for his decisions unless he is saddled with self doubt.

Under those circumstances that self doubting leader must stay as far away from the tiller of the ship of state as possible.

Mr. Pintard would have done well for himself had he just choose to remain quiet than to open his mouth and remind the Bahamas that he too is a hapless, perennial visionless political loser.

Here is an individual who has offered himself two times in the last fifteen years for elected office – once in Centreville where he was vanquished by Perry G. Christie and secondly in Cat Island Rum Cay and San Salvador where he was obliterated by Deputy Prime Minister Philip Davis.

I should also remind the Bahamian people that on his second political foray, Mr. Pintard was given a blank cheque by the then FNM Government to use at his discretion to win a seat. Despite all of the advantages heaped at his feet, Pintard again came in second, or as they say – dead last.

The country is prepared to laugh at Pintard’s jokes and support his annual skit and comedy club business agenda but no one takes his seriously as a political thinker, organizer or a forward thinker.

I am reliably informed that Mr. Pintard is seeking the FNM nomination in the constituency of Central Grand Bahama, a seat the incumbent fully expects to contest in 2017. This unfortunate turn of events for Mr. Pintard will render him as the Boll Weevil of Bahamian Politics. He has gone from Nassau to Cat Island and is now about to “crash and burn” in Freeport under the banner of the torch (pardon the pun). Can you imagine that this man has had three boarding passes and cannot secure a seat?

Can you imagine the temerity of Mr. Pintard in comparing the economic mess and fiscal disaster the FNM left the country in when they were booted out of office in 2012 to the hard work and courage of the PLP Administration in reversing the fortunes of this country in forty-three short months? Sometimes I forget that Mr. Pintard is a comedian and a Skit Writer. He must know that the Bahamian people know truth from fiction.

As long as Mr. Pintard peddles this same old boring routine, the Bahamian people cannot help but whisper amongst themselves, as to when will the FNM cease and desist from trespassing in Hubert Ingraham’s political junk yard.