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Statement From The Chairman  of the PLP

On Kay Forbes Smith  Continuing  As President  of The Senate 

For Immediate  Release 

13 November  2019

What is taking place in the Senate  today with a debate on hurricane  relief and the President of the Senate who is also in charge  of hurricane relief in Grand  Bahama, sitting in the chair  is a natural disgrace. She is responsible for the chaos  and disorder for hurricane  relief in Freeport.

We thought that Kay Forbes  Smith had higher public standards  than this. We thought  that despite the fact that she is part of a corrupt  and high handed  party, her personal  ethics would not allow this scenario to unfold. We are satisfied that she knows better but has been led into error by listening  to a craven Attorney  General  who is wrong on the law and whose Attorney  General’s  office cannot  seem to win simple  cases. That ought to tell the President  something. Further it is shameful that her FNM colleagues are doubling  down in support  of this wrong doing.

The PLP  has tried to bring some semblance of convention to the Senate. We have tried to point out the errors and sought to avoid personal embarrassment  for her by not bringing a formal  and substantive  motion  of condemnation.

Alas there is no sense of public shame or sensitivity, so we must do what we must.