Statement On Grand Bahama Human Rights Association

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For Immediate Release

1 December

From The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Immigration On Statement By Grand Bahama Human Rights Association

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Immigration has taken note of a recent article in the Tribune, attributed to the Grand Bahama Human Rights Association, in which it is indicated that the organization has called for the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Immigration, Fred Mitchell, to be excluded from further discussions with the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) over precautionary measures granted on behalf of Save The Bays members.

For the information of the public, the Minister has not been involved in discussions with the Commission.  This is a legal case and the response has been handled by the Government’s lawyers and the professional staff of the Ministry, the Office of the Attorney General and other relevant agencies of Government.

The Government reaffirms that it takes seriously the protection of human rights of all it citizens.  In the matter of the allegations made by Save The Bays for precautionary measures with respect to five petitioners, the Government thoroughly investigated the claims made. The position of the Government remains that the petition is without merit, and that the precautionary measures granted by the IACHR should be lifted.  The Government awaits the reaction of the IACHR to its response.