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sildenafil healing times;”>Statement By Fred Mitchell MP

cialis sale there times;”>On The Murder of Snapper’s Owner Deangelo Bethel
A Fox Hill Businessman
3rd January 2016
Early this morning, I learned to my chagrin, shock and sorrow that another contributor to the Fox Hill economy, a productive young businessman was shot dead and his wife and another passenger in the car injured. I join The Bahamas in expressing deep sorrow and outrage and pledge to continue to do all that I can to fight crime.  In this world when positive examples are few and far between, it was a wonder to watch without Government interference this young man develop that business in Fox Hill Snappers and make a go of it.  His death now will affect so many families including his own.  It comes on the heels of a week of gun violence and carnage in the village of Fox Hill which led to the death of a young man Ricardo Cunningham while at a party in Monastery Park and the shooting of two others in various corners in Fox Hill. It comes two years after four people were gunned down in their innocence on the Freedom Park. This is not good. The community is losing faith if they have not already lost it.